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Healthy cats are euthanized every day in Clark County due to overpopulation. Help Furry Friends educate and assist other groups to accomplish a no-kill status.

Pet education

Furry Friends is dedicated to providing education to the public regarding pet care and responsibility. We provide pet education to schools, clubs, and organizations, as well as at special events. We teach many aspects of animal welfare, including animal control, animal rights, first aid and safety, spay and neuter, and how our relationship with companion animals influences our society.

Educational opportunities

Furry Friends volunteers are available to work with schools for community service projects and hands-on volunteering. We can also show classroom video presentations, attend assemblies, and provide information booths at school fairs.

We have also been involved in summer programs helping students that need extra attention, and worked with Scout troops to help them earn badges.

Need a project for your class or club? Find out about making an Adoption Kit.


Arrange an educational event

Would you like Furry Friends to present at your school, club or organization? Please email us or give us a call:

Find out about our upcoming educational events.

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Educational articles

Educating people to be responsible in the care and treatment of animals is the first step in altering the cycle of homeless and abused animals.

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A declawed cat is a maimed cat!

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The average indoor cat lives up to three times longer than the cat who goes outside


Introducing a new cat into your home

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Dealing with stray and feral cats

Are you concerned about stray cats in your neighborhood?

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