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Healthy cats are euthanized every day in Clark County due to overpopulation. Help Furry Friends educate and assist other groups to accomplish a no-kill status.

Have you found a stray pet?

Keep in mind that taking a stray cat to the humane society has an extremely high chance of resulting in euthanasia, which is killing them, as a way of controlling the pet overpopulation problem and in order to make space for newly arriving homeless animals. For a no-kill option, contact Furry Friends or one of our parter agencies.

What to do if you find a stray animal

  1. Determine if the animal has any collar, tags, or ID available then call the information provided.
  2. Canvass your neighborhood for any information they can provide.
  3. Take the animal to the vet to determine if an ID Chip has been inserted.
  4. Keep the animal safe, warm, watered, and fed.
  5. Contact the local newspaper and place a free ‘found’ ad for three days.
  6. Make up posters to put up in neighborhood, local merchant windows.
  7. Call veterinarian offices within a 10–15 mile radius identifying the animal, just in case the owner has reported it missing.
  8. Call the local Humane Society with all description information and found location.
  9. If animal is not claimed within this time period, call local breed rescue and animal welfare groups in the community to see if placement up for adoption can be accomplished. Most no-kill groups are full, but will network with you and give you other numbers and suggestions to find this animal a new home.
  10. Place an ad in local newspapers advertising animals wanting a new home. Ask for at least three references and the name of their vet. Call those people to be sure this will be a good home. If you do not want compensation, have the people write a check to your favorite charity to adopt the animal. Deliver to the home to see where it will live, and ask to come to visit to be sure things are working out.
  11. Free advertising is available. Make out 3 x 5 cards with all information on the animal. Circulate these to supermarkets, pet stores, vet offices, Clark College, and WSU community boards; talk to friends, family, co-workers, and take photos to circulate with information.
  12. Be prepared to keep the animal until a safe, new home can be found. Request to be put on a waiting list at the no-kill shelters. Washington Humane Society euthanizes animals when they are at capacity.
  13. If a trap is required, call Humane Society for SW Washington, they rent them with a deposit. Be prepared to know what to do with the animal once it is trapped.
  14. Low cost spay and neuter is available through JAWS 360.693.8521 or PUFA 360.903.8393. In Oregon, phone Oregon Humane Society for that information.
  15. Breed Rescue group information can be obtained by logging onto the internet, by calling the local humane society, or phone 503.623.6373 for the directory of the Pacific NW.

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