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Healthy cats are euthanized every day in Clark County due to overpopulation. Help Furry Friends educate and assist other groups to accomplish a no-kill status.

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If you are interestd in adopting a pet, use the search form below, or browse through availabe pets to see a short description and photo. Our kittens are availabe for adoption just as soon as they are altered and have their first vaccines. After applying we can take a deposit to hold your favorite! We have all colors varieties, and personalities.

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Bruiser was rescued from a life on the streets and he has made the transition to indoor life pretty painlessly. He loves to cuddle and loves to be held on your chest and shoulder like a baby, in fact he is a big baby. He is pretty mellow around his fellow foster kitties. He loves his toy mouse, being brushed and is learning how to “roll over.” He doesn’t mew very often. Instead he talks to you with that tongue roll sound cats make. You can find him either on the windowsill watching the birds, or curled up on the computer chair. Bruiser would probably do best with adults or older children.

Color: Brown Tabby

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Birthdate: January 2010

Sex: Neutered Male

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